When the tomatoes are planted and quite young, a piece of twine is tied around the bottom of the plant and secured to the upper rebar. Part of the series: Tomato Gardening Tips. Make sure to line up with the pilot holes you made. One of the most popular choices for growing tomatoes in planters is hanging baskets.

Hanging tomato planter diy

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Now its. Fill your planter with a mixture of 1 part perlite to 2 parts (potting mix, peat moss, coconut coir) with the top 1/2 inch being only (potting mix, peat moss, coconut coir) After a couple of waterings, this 1/2 inch layer will compact and restrict the water flow for a slower and more distributed watering.

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I also love to plant peas in a basket.

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. . This is a really creative way to secure tomatoes! A framework made of T-posts and rebar securely mounted in the ground provides an anchor point. Pick Your Tomatoes. Place your cloth on the botttom of the bucket. The world is taking measures to decrease plastic waste, contribute your part by recycling plastic bottles to make fun and easy DIY upside-down planters.

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Fit each uncut piece into your PVC pipe into the top portion of your planter.

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Place the bottom board into the box.

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